How To Get Involved

No matter how big or small, there is always a way to help Word 4 Weapons. You can help make a big impact in a number of ways...

Through the help of our volunteers, donators, sponsors, partner organisations and associate members Word for Weapons is able to operate effectively in the abolishing of weapons and the saving of lives. We are currently seeking those that wish to help in such ways.

How You Can Help


Word for Weapons can only operate effectively thorugh the contribution of our volunteers. You may be able to help... read more.


Word 4 Weapons will continue to grow with the help of your valued donations, no gift is too smal for us and never too big... read more.


Word 4 Weapons could not operate effectively without the help of our Sponsors who provide direct financial support... read more.

Partner Organisations

Partner organisations place one of our Knife Bins at their location and work with associate members who signpost to them... read more.

Associate Members

Associate members form part of the support network for a partnering organisation by signposting to a knife bin location... read more.